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Vitamin & Mineral for Men
Vitamin & Mineral for Men
Vitamin & Mineral for Men
Item#: Vitamin-amp-Mineral-for-Men1

Product Description
These Vitamins and Minerals use Plant Cell Nutriments are one of the only bio-energetically-formulated plant-cell based multi- vitamin supplements in the world. Created out of plant-cell nutriments rather than USP grade vitamins, with unparalleled absorption, these extraordinary materials are well tolerated even by those who are sensitive to regular vitamins. You can feel the difference. These vitamins have been specially formulated for men.

* Contains 100% Plant-cell Vitamins and Minerals * Formulated for Men’s Health * Contains a Full Range at High Potency of Minerals and Vitamins * Absorbs 1.87 to 2.67 times great then synthetic/USP / FCC vitamins and minerals * Increases Energy * Increases Stamina and Alertness * Increases Circulation * Support Immune System * Anti Inflammatory Action * Non Constipating