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Give your body the flexibility and support it needs with TrueBASICS for Yoga/ TrueBASICS for Athletes
TrueBASICS for Yoga/ TrueBASICS for Athletes
TrueBASICS for Yoga/ TrueBASICS for Athletes

Product Description

TrueBASICS for Athletes is a unique formulation by Truestar specifically designed for individuals who are involved in Mind-Body fitness. It supplies vitamins, minerals and nutritional co-factors for healthy body function, as well as providing targeted nutritional support for healthy joint function and flexibility. It will support you in an athletic as well as in a yoga type work out.


Provides nutrients necessary for proper growth and metabolism

Supports the health of the immune system and provides the proper balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory precursors

Supports proper muscle and nerve function

Provides specialized nutrient support for healthy joints

Provides antioxidant support

Replenishes deficiencies of many essential nutrients related to poor dietary habits and other factors that may deplete nutrient levels such as caffeine, drugs, stress or pollution


Vitamin E for antioxidant support and heart health

Olive leaf extract and Co-Q10 for cardiovascular support

Lutein for supporting eye health

Essential vitamins and minerals required for optimal body function

Hyaluronic acid for assisting with optimal joint lubrication

Resveratrol, quercetin, curcumin, boswellia and green tea extract to support a proper inflammatory response