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Enjoy pMg for your cardiovascular health
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Product Description
Potentiated Magnesium is for those seeking the optimum in natural cardiovascular health!

In addition to the cardiovascular health benefits demonstrated in the Potentiated Magnesium patents, pMg also provides a full-spectrum of normal structural and functional support for:

• Respiratory System function and bronchial airway relaxation;

• Energy Production as part of the vital MgATP energy complex;

• Muscles & Arteries providing relaxation with an anti-spasm quality;

• Normal Glycolysis and enhanced insulin cell receptor sensitivity;

• Neuromuscular Transmission impulses and electrical potentials;

• Enzymatic Reactions as a critically important functional component cofactor;

• Balancing Calcium Metabolism as a key factor in normal cellular and arterial function;

• Cellular Anti-Aging and premature aging prevention for an enhanced Health Span; and…is Balanced, Natural & Antioxidant Rich!

Unlike anything that has come before, Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) is totally new and so advanced that it has demonstrated (in its worldwide patents) overcoming the inherent hydrophilic nature of magnesium (thus producing no laxative effect), that in so doing allows for an unprecedented 100% Uptake – not just bioavailability – but actual uptake. When taken daily in meaningful amounts, pMg has demonstrated profound cardiovascular health benefits not previously seen with anything else – and does so naturally with essential nutrients in harmony with how the human body normally functions.

The most powerful effect demonstrated by taking Potentiated Magnesium on a daily basis is the profound beneficial impact it has on supporting normal heart health and vascular system function (as detailed in its many worldwide patents) – especially benefitting the important endothelial cells that line and protect the interior surface of the arteries – plus pMg is naturally antioxidant rich. It is well-known that the essential mineral magnesium is the most important nutrient there is for heart health and vitamin C is vital for normal vascular function. pMg is the most powerful and effective Dietary Supplemental form of magnesium and vitamin C ever developed.